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Doctor Alberto Coto Clavo was the dentist. He broke my tooth causing 3 root canals to be preformed while in his care.

He left me with half of my teeth open margin ( the crowns are popped off my teeth ) and he screwed up my *** so badly that I now suffer from severe TMJ, constant pain, can't eat or speak properly and so on.

The cost to fix my *** alone is $35,000 ( which I don't have ) plus thousands more for additional work that I need because of Doctor Coto's incompetence. I have been seen by several American specialists who all confirm that all of my teeth will start falling out one by one because of all the open margins.

I can not get false teeth put in my mouth after this happens because I suffer a seizure disorder and dentures can slip during a seizure in which case I can choke to death. Therefore, no American dentist will do it. I was threatened and almost charged with a felony and thrown in a foreign prison for complaining publicly about being butchered abroad. ( no freedom of speech in Costa Rica ).

Doctor Coto has since conveniently changed the name of his business from High Tech dental clinic to " Implant and Cosmetics Solutions "

I have no doubt that he will to continue to change his business name over and over to deceive the public. is the Medical Tourism Provider Company based out of Ireland and where I found Doctor Alberto Coto Calvo on-line.

After my nightmare in Costa Rica I sent my review several times. blew me off and refuse to post my review. also continue's to use Doctor Alberto Coto Calvo as one of the dentists in their network in Costa Rica.

This company only seems to care about the commissions they receive from the Doctors and Dentists on their lists and not about the safety of the public.

My personal story gets much worse.

Before getting any medical and or dentistry abroad please go to u-tube and click on my channel ( kimberly4064 ) I have 3 video's on my personal nightmare.

Watch them all and pass it along to anyone you know who is considering this same horrible mistake. If you prefer you can go to any of my 3 blogs which will take you directly to my video's

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Some of my worst fears are mentioned here. I can't imagine going through any of that!

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