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I found my medical tourism dentist with After being severely butchered abroad I tried to post my review with whatclinic several times. Whatclinic claims on their web-site that they will post all reviews ( good and bad ) in order to protect the public. That is not the case. did not care about medical evidence with before and after x-ray's or medical reports from American specialists confirming criminal negligence. ( like most medical tourism providers ) is paid commissions from the doctors and dentists on their list. would not post my review nor would they stop using the medical tourism dentist that butchered me.

Doctor Alberto Coto Calvo was the medical tourism dentist who butchered me in San Jose Costa Rica.

He broke my tooth causing 3 root canals to be preformed while in his care. He left me with half of my mouth open margin ( the crowns are popped off my teeth ). He screwed up my *** so badly that I now suffer from severe TMJ. I live in horrible pain on a daily basis. I can't eat or speak properly and so on.

The cost to fix my *** alone is $35,000 ( which I don't have ) plus thousands more for additional root canals that I now need because of Doctor Coto's negligence. Several American dental specialist have confirmed that all of my teeth will start falling out one by one because of all the open margins in my mouth. When I become toothless no dentist will give me dentures because I have a seizure disorder. Dentures can slip during a seizure and I could choke to death. Therefore I am stuck. For the record Doctor coto knew of my seizure disorder when he butchered me.

When I complained publicly about being butchered abroad, I was threatened and almost charged with a felony for speaking against the reputation of a Costa rican citizen ( no freedom of speech in Costa Rica ). I had to flee that country immediately and was lucky that I wasn't thrown in a Costa Rican prison.

When Doctor Coto butchered me his company name was high tech dental clinic in curridbat Costa Rica. Like most scam artists, he has since changed his business name to "Implant and Cosmetics Solutions" and has moved his practice to Rohrmoser San Jose Costa Rica in the Rohrmoser Medical Center. Beware, he could change his business name and location over and over again. He could also possibly work under another dentists name.

Like most sociopaths, Doctor Coto is a good talker, lies well and offers references to his patients as he did with me. Bare in mind that Ted Bundy had many people who swore that he was a great guy too. Doctor Coto also offers a 100 % guarantee on all of his work. He refused to pay to have my teeth fixed after he butchered me so there you have it. Doctor Coto comes up with many lies and excuses for what he did to me thinking that he can scam the public. I have medical reports from highly respected American dental specialists confirming criminal negligence against Doctor Coto pure and simple and without dispute.

I am including a copy of my first medical report taken shortly after I was butchered by Doctor Coto. My condition has become far worse since then. The medical report doesn't align right on this complaint but, I can send a good copy to anyone who wants one. Just go to my blog and it will take you to my utube video about my nightmare with doctor Coto. Send me a message on my utube channel and I will send you back a better copy. You should watch my video anyway as my story is much more horrific than what is on this complaint.

I hope this complaint spares many people from my fate.

Michael S. Ramer, D.D.S.


May 18, 2011

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter on behalf of my patient Kimberly Rogers. As you can see from my

Ietterhead, I am a Prosthodontist, which is a dental specialist in the fabrication of crown and

bridge procedures. I have been working as an expert in this field since 1992. I have done a

comprehensive dental evaluation, reviewed all available x-rays and analyzed the patient's ***. It

is my professional opinion that the dental work previously done was beneath the standard of care

and done improperly. The patient had a full mouth of porcelain crowns done and when she bites

down, she should be able to make contact with all her teeth simultaneously. That is not the case.

The patient is only biting down on a few of her front teeth and none of her back teeth are hitting.

That is totally improper and by any dental standard would be considered negligent. There are

also multiple areas where cement was not cleaned properly after the crowns were cemented and

one of the crowns shows an obvious poor fit to the tooth when evaluated on the x-ray.

There are multiple consequences that can occur from an improper ***. They include, but are not

limited to fracture of the teeth, fracture of the porcelain, loosened of the teeth in the bone, bone

loss around the teeth, infection, jaw pain, pain in the facial muscles, neck pain, shoulder pain,

inability to eat or speak properly, pain in the teeth, etc. The patient already relates that she is

having several of the symptoms. As you can see, if left untreated, the patient's current condition

can lead to an endless amount of dental problems.

Unfortunately, the solution to the problem is not a simple one, especially when the *** is so

incorrect. The only solution the patient has is to start from the beginning and redo the improper

dentistry that was done. in other words to replace all the crowns in her mouth. That is the only

way that a proper *** could be established. I would estimate that the time necessary to correct

the dentistry would be a 3 to 4 month time frame and would cost approximately 35,000.

I hope this information is helpful to you.


Michael S. Rammer D.D.S.

7672 NOB HILL ROAD . TAMARAC,FLORIDA 3332l . (954) 718-8840 . (954) 718-8897 fax .

Review about: Whatclinic Dental Service.

Monetary Loss: $15.

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So glad someone is putting some of the blame on whatclinic they shouldn't be used until they allow all reviews to be seen and not just the good reviews the dentists are allowed to post themselves. Many people are getting injured because they believe the dentist they are choosing are without complaints. This is happening in many countries. Whatclinic should change this policy immediately.

Besides doctor Coto there is a dentist in Cancun Mexico Dr. German Arzate that works under several internet names such as Cancun Cosmetic Dentistry, Cancun Top Dental, Miracle Dentures, and Cancun Dentist who has been removed from the Canadian Consulates dental referral line in Mexico and was profiled on television after numerous individuals came forth with botched dental work estimated in the hundreds of thousands to fix. Dr Arzate is a dentist that should be avoided and advertises on whatclinic website and if you didn't look elsewhere one would assume he is complaint free which he is absolutely not.

Whatclinic is a paid advertisement site and with its current review policy and the way it is set up, is in my opinion dangerous for consumers. Whatclinic should not be used solely to pick a dentist abroad. Whatclinic if your reading this please change your review policy and make overseas medical safer for people.

to Support worker Leander, Texas, United States #1206514

I agree. I was completely butchered and all 20x of my reviews have bend declined on

They are risking people's lives and's a SCAM site that only benefits them and their criminal butchers!! I booked through WhatClinic, I should be able to post a review!!

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