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The website is fake and a total fraud. Some doctors and clinics has false claims that they have this accreditations such as JCi and other organizations. Whatclinic has No regulating policies on what doctors and clinics can post not even verified by their website. I assume the reviews are also fake, to be verified just by providing a number and an automatic call back, and confirming just by pressing number 1. In UK and other countries it's easy... Read more

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I know for a fact that Whatclinic publishes only positive reviews about clinics as they blocked my negative reviews Metro Bangkok Clinic . That means all the reviews about clinics are not genuine and they work for the enhancement of the clinics themselves as they they have a shared interest with them so they biased and have a conflict of interest. Who should be reviewed really is the advertising agencies and not the clinics themselves then.... Read more

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I flew to beirut on the 16th of november 2015, my operation was on the 17th at 10am , i arrived to the hospital i spoke to dr roland tohme from abroad regarding my breast and my nose, i was supposed to do them at the same time, he said he can do whatever i want! I trusted him alot! On my arrival to the clinic everything changed he said he cant do the breast that i wanted, and he cant do my nose because hes not sure if hes gonna ruin it or not !!... Read more

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Whatclinic Dental Service Review from Leander, Texas
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WhatClinic only allows positive reviews 5 Star to be posted. All negative reviews, are deleted upon and never even posted. I was bait switched/Butchered/Blackmailed by one of their Dentists. Dr. Luz Marely Garcia Alvarez from Nuevo Progreso, MX. This Dentist has destroyed my life. Please DO NOT rely on WhatClinic when doing your research. They are paid by the dentists, so it is in their best interest to not post anything negative. This doctor an... Read more

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False advertising!! They get you to get a pack of enquires for Direct Leads , then you get multiple "referrals" from their whatclinic team - these indirect 3rd party referrals are usually from patients located in a foreign country who have no intention of traveling to where you are located. They give the usual excuse that their team spoke to these patients who requested for the referral to a clinic in a foreign country 10hrs flight away. ... Read more

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I had recently against my better judgment purchased a block of enquiries from whatclinic. After a so-called "enquiry" was directed to my account, I took it seriously, and spent time and energy responding to it, only to hear after 3 calls that they had already booked in with a nearby clinic and were just checking for cost. Why does Whatclinic class these "how much does this treatment cost" dumb queries as enquiries, when anyone who can read can... Read more

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What Clinic send out leads that claim the patient has visited their web site and input their details. The truth is that they buy leads from other providers such as Clinic Compare who have already sold the lead to multiple providers before selling it to What Clinic who in turn sell it on to their own providers erroneously claiming that the lead has come from the What Clinic Website. What Clinic have confirmed that this is the case. Outrageous... Read more

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Im a Doctor that have been advertised on www.whatclinic.dom I can tell that this website is a pure Scam, from false patient, to charge enquiries from patients thousands of kilometers away or advertising doctors that makes false statements on the web that belongs to associations when they dont. False positive reviews cero negative reviews as you can read on their review policy. If you are a patient, do a better search on your doctor before any... Read more

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I am a practitioner who advertises with They say that our ads are supposed to only show in our local areas so that only people who live close to our practices will see them and not people in other parts of the province or country. Makes sense, right? I receive numerous inquiries from people who live in the United States and other parts of Canada. In the past I have always been reimbursed the inquiry from these people since they... Read more

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My name is Kimberly. I am an American who lives in the south Florida area. I went to Doctor Alberto Coto Calvo just outside of San Jose Costa Rica for some dental work and to have veneers put on all of my at the time healthy teeth. After doctor Coto finished placing the veneers, all of my teeth were in a lot of pain. Doctor Coto stated that the pain was from the grinding of my teeth and I was placed on a liquid diet for a month. One month later... Read more

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